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Antasari Place

Antasari Place

The Projects

Antasari Place Concept

Antasari Place is a mixed-use development with smart living concept that integrates connectivity, effectively designed spaces, a retail alley, and ample urban greenery. Introduced as a well-planned collaboration of great visionaries and experts, Antasari Place set a new standard of modern living space for the South Jakarta urban neighborhood.

With large windows and a comfortable balcony, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the South Jakarta cityscape.

At the top of the north terrace park, we build a large playground for your family to enjoy good times together.

A beautiful fontain pond will find you some peace and happiness at the north side corner of the terrace park.

Our park is covered by shades of big trees and the smell of the fresh air as you stroll along every morning.

Floor Plan

Antasari Place Floor Plan

Unit's Plan

Experience luxury and comfort
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